The Dwarf Planet Controversy

For years everyone has heard that “Pluto is no longer a planet.” Ever since it was announced in 2006, there have been countless articles written on it. Not just articles, the publishings range from full length documentaries all the way down to funny cartoon spoofs. Only upon taking an astronomy course did I realize how heated […]

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NASA’s Spitzer telescope has recently discovered multiple Earth size planets orbiting a single star. 7 planets to be exact. The system was named TRAPPIST after the Belgian operated telescope in Chile that discovered the first two planets. These planets are relatively close to us as well. 40 lightyears may seem like a lot, but in astronomical […]

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Gravity keeps me grounded

Ever think about why the tides rise and fall? How about why bowling pins fall or why an arrow arcs downwards after being fired? The reason is pretty simple: gravity. The force that keeps us all bound to and the Moon in a perpetual orbit around the sun. Even though gravity seems to be such […]

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Stop and ask for directions.

Have you ever wondered how people got around before GPS? Ask anyone and they’ll say maps. But what about before that? People Had to navigate between continents on the sea without any maps of what was around them, so how’d they do it? They Used the stars. Star charts like the ones that can be […]

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Light Speed Travel!

Anyone who’s seen any scifi flick or show knows that we will never explore the vastness of space until we have ship that can jump into “Hyperspace” using their “Hyper drives.” Traveling at the speed of light is, according to Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relitivity, physically impossible as of now. So just how fast is the […]

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First blog post!

  My name is Adam Zawahry and I’m a freshman majoring in HOD in Peabody School of Education. I come from The tiny, coastal town of Panama City, Florida and as such, I’ve lived most of my life on the water. Above you can see a photo of an A-cat regatta, a fleet a bit […]

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